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2010-2011 - Volume 20

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2009-2010 - Volume 19

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2008-2009 - Volume 18

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2007-2008 - Volume 17

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2006-2007 - Volume 16

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2005-2006 - Volume 15

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2003-2004 - Volume 13

Importance of Sense of Place and Sense of Self in Residence Hall Room Design
By Stephanie Clemons, James Banning, and David McKelfresh

International Students and Immigration: The Introduction of SEVIS
By Lisa Ingarfield

Women in Higher Education Revisited: Intergenerational Conversations
By Linda Kuk and Jody Donovan

Chicano(a) and Mexican American College Students: Examining the Relationship between Academic Self-Concept and Academic Achievement
By Sylvia Mendez

Changing Social Culture on Campus: A Study of Existing Alternative Programming Initiatives
By Zane Reif and Mark Denke

The Evolution of In Loco Parentis
By Nicholas Sweeton and Jeremy Davis




2002-2003 - Volume 12

Understanding the Ethnic Self: Learning and Teaching in a Multicultural World
Guest Authors: Florence Guido-DiBrito & Alicia F. Chávez

Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors of College Students
Erin Cross & Rustain Morgan

Changing Demographics and Generational Shifts: Understanding and Working with the Families of Today's College Students
Jody Donovan

College Students Beyond September 11th
Jennifer Frost

The Troubling Issues Facing International Students Today
Lea R. Hanson & Jill Zambito

Bridging the Competency Gap for New Professionals
Linda Kuk & Blanche Hughes

First Tracks: A Qualitative Assessment of a Freshman Adventure Based Orientation Program
Patrick Rastall & Seth Webb

Global and Domestic Nomads or Third Culture Kids: Who Are They and What the University Needs to Know
Wendy Stultz




The Climate in Higher Education: The Impact of Diversity and Multiculturalism on the Campus Climate and Today’s College Students
Portia O. Bacor

Student Development: In-Between Buildings
James H. Banning

Women Administrators' Leadership Stories: Another Piece of the Puzzle
Stephanie A. Clemons

Portraits of Individuality: A Qualitative Study of Multiracial College Students
Heather Shea Gasser

Indigenous Names and Mascots as Symbols of School Spirit
Lea R. Hanson

Civility in Higher Education
Rebecca Newman-Gonchar

Academic Integrity and the Student Affairs Professional
Zane S. Reif

An Explanation of the Bennett Model of Intercultural Sensitivity
Wendy S. Stultz

Students of Color in Study Abroad Programs
Jill Zambito





A Framework for Organizing the Scholarship of Campus Ecology
James H. Banning and Christopher E. Bryner

Challenges African American Students Face at Predominantly White Institutions
Mercedes A. Benton

Throwing a Pebble Into the Pond: The Impact of the President's Leadership Program on Students' Ethical Leadership Development
Laura L. Dicke

He Said/She Said: The Legal Issues Surrounding Sexual Assault on Campus
Keith E. Edwards and Heather S. Gasser

Day In the Mountains: International Student Orientation and Cross-Cultural Seminar
Jason A. Kinnear and Wendy S. Stultz

The Beast Within: An Exploration into Eating Disorders Among College Women
Kerry Knowlton

Substance-Free Housing:A Solution to the Binge Drinking Problem in Today.s College Fraternity
Joseph J. Lanter and Mark Koepsell

A Journey Through Adult Student Involvement on Campus
Wendy Morgan

Destination: Belize
José-Luis Riera and Sarah C. Woodside

The Community Action Plan: Adding Intentional Interventions to the Residence Hall Experience
David Rosch




Bumper Sticker Ethnography: A Study of Campus Culture
James H. Banning

How the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is Affecting Today"s Colege Student
Lisa D. Campos

Enhancing the Physical Interior Environment of the Workplace: Tips for Student Affairs and Higher Education Administrators
Stephanie Clemons, Ph.D.

Organizational Illuminatus: The Effects of Major Exigency at Colorado State University
Mark S. Denke, Ed.D. and Ray F. Gasser, M.S.

Learning Communities: Past, Present, and Future
Keith Edwards and Nick Sweeton

The Legality and Constitutionality of Mandatory Students Fees: The Campus Climate for Student Organizations After Rosenberger and Southworth
Andrew R. Feldman and Jennifer G. Roy

Just E-mail Me: Students of the Information and Technology Age
Laura M. Hattas

An Assessment of International Students Needs in the United States
Randy McCrillis

The Role of Orientation Program in Guiding Freshmen Transition to College Life
Rebecca A. Newman-Gonchar

Academic Life on the College Campus
José-Luis Riera

Book Review - Gender on Campus: Issues for College Women, by Sharon Bohn Gmelch
Reviewed by Wendy M. Wallace




An Educational Advantage for Women: Women's Colleges
Katy Casserly

How Women Administrators in Public Higher Education Institutions Choose their "Battles"
Stephanie Clemons, Ph. D. and Gene Gloeckner, Ph. D.

Responding to Off-Campus Misconduct
Laura L. Dicke and Wendy M. Wallace

A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Black Students Attending a Canadian University
Jennifer Hamilton and Paul Shang, Ph. D.

Student Relationships: An Analysis of Peer, Faculty, and Staff Effectiveness
Brian Keintz

The Importance of Programming in Family Housing
Gregory R. Kish

Career Centers: Changing Needs Require Changing Paradigms
Mark Kretovics, Ph.D., Stevie Honaker, and Jonne Kraning

The Historical Development of Chicano/a Student Organizations: Their Role in Post-Secondary Education Recruitment and Retention
Susana M. Rundquist

Senior Year Transitions: From College to Career and From Undergraduate to Graduate School
Heather D. Shea




1996-1997 - Volume 6

Themes of the First Five Years: A Qualitative Analysis of the Colorado State University Journal of Student Affairs
Dr. James Banning and Dr. Sharon Anderson

The Role of the University in the Development of Student Values; A Historical and Legal Perspective
Jennifer Hamilton and Jocelyn Lowry

Views From the Student Affairs' Bleachers: Academics, Financial Assistance, and Title IX Legislation in Intercollegiate Athletics
Dr. Mark S. Denke

How Much Due Process is Due?
De Etta Jones and Allison Carroll

Punished by Rewards: The Trouble With Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes (book review)
Dr. David McKelfresh


1996-1997 - Volume 5

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1996-1997 - Volume 4

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1996-1997 - Volume 3

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1996-1997 - Volume 2

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1996-1997 - Volume 1

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